The aim of Daya Solutions is to support organisations/projects in South Asia for/by women & girls, by raising awareness and by raising funds for them. For example:

  • Support to female Dalit students in Nepal through the organisation PDRC, with President Kamala Hemchuri
  • Support to Raksha Nepal, an organisation for victims of sex-trafficing in Nepal
  • Support to female psychiatric patiënts who are being housed and cared for by the Indian organisation “Little Hearts”.
  • Setting up the “Renate Limbach Fund” in order to support girls to develop skills in playing chess, as a means of empowerment and improvement of genderequality. Renate Limbach was a famous Dutch female chess player, who at one time was the Dutch National Champion. She was active in the upliftment of female chess within the Netherlands and a personal friend an housemate of Jolanda.